The MetaGoku

Volume 1

Choose the one you like the most before another buyer gets it.

On March 5th you will be able to directly obtain the nft of the private collection The MetaGoku Volume 1 in Opensea.

About us?

⚡ Private and unique collection of 151 NFTS, for sale on the POLYGON blockchain ⚡

😍 They are not randomly generated, made one by one 😍

Undertake Method is a great studio with solidarity projects, the goal in this project is to grow and show that you can grow and obtain economic benefits without depending on a conventional job. We are going to offer this magnificent collection (The MetaGoku) for sale at a 🔻 very low price and in POLYGON so that people without so many resources can access this incredible business without paying gas for the purchase and resell or hold the NFT.


Phase 1

(October 20th 2021)

Market testing with a positive customer assessment of 92% interested in buying the Nft and choosing the model designed from 4 tests.

This market study guarantees the success of the project even before putting it up for sale on Nft.

Phase 2

(December 10th 2021)

From the model chosen in the market study, the entire collection begins to be designed with a total of 151 Nfts by our graphic director Javier Martínez.

Phase 3

(January 31st 2022)

Creation of marketing and advertising content in our social networks of some of the different models of these fantastic Nfts.

The marketing director together with the other departments have decided that there will not be a pre-sale (mint), since the purpose of the project is to reach all customers equally. That is why we will put a unique and irrevocable price on the first 50 Nfts.

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Phase 4

(March 5th 2022)

For public sale at Opensea

💲Prices: 1-50 = 0.01 ETH

💲Prices: 51-100 = 0.02 ETH

💲Prices: 101-141 = 0.025 ETH

141-151 Marketing

(10% of sales will go to charity).

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Award for the loyalty of our holders

Phase 5

Once the entire collection is sold, the team will work to create a 2 volume.

[Holders will get a Free NFT].

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The MetaGoku reached an agreement to advertise on the best nfts release website in the world.